December 9


04:00 pm - 05:00 pm


Duke in DC


Innovations such as Web3, FinTech, Digital Assets, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing are on the rise – all of which have the potential to result in some of the largest changes ever to the financial system.

As these innovations rapidly gain momentum, financial services organizations, technology providers, regulators and policymakers are increasingly left with questions about how to respond. As the companies behind these technologies build up their government affairs presence in Washington, D.C., there is increasing pressure for the Federal Government to develop appropriate responses.

On December 9th, Duke in DC will bring together Jimmie Lenz, director of the Master of Engineering in FinTech and the Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity at the Duke Pratt School of Engineering and Sultan Meghji, Chief Innovation Officer at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Office of Innovation to discuss innovation and the future of banking.

Join them for a wide ranging discussion about the confluence of the public sector, private sector and academia in these areas of advanced technology and the opportunities for collaboration when considering the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.

Announced earlier this year, the FDIC has formed a strategic partnership with the Duke Pratt School of Engineering on risk management, FinTech and cybersecurity, led by Jimmie Lenz. This discussion will be a continuation of the conversation from Duke in DC’s September 14th event, From Technological Advancement to FinTech – How Congress Should Think About Cyber Policy.


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