September 14


01:00 pm - 02:00 pm


Duke in DC

As technology progresses, new concerns continue to sprout up along with it. The U.S. today faces a host of new technological threats to manage both internationally and domestically.

Ransomware attacks in the private and public sectors are becoming more frequent. There is also a critical need to properly educate people on the risks associated with cybersecurity and how to properly approach a phishing attempt.

How does cybersecurity play a role in all of this and what can we do to protect the safety of all U.S. people as we surge through the digital age?

Join Jimmie Lenz, director of the Master of Engineering in FinTech and the Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity at the Duke Pratt School of Engineering; Curtis Dukes, executive vice president and general manager of security best practices at Center for Internet Security;  and Kim Kotlar, Duke cyber mentor and retired naval officer, congressional staffer and NSA executive.

Lenz, an expert in machine learning, blockchain and financial innovation, is also leading Duke’s new strategic partnership with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) on risk management, FinTech, cyber and much more.

This esteemed panel of experts will address the new landscape today and how the federal government should be considering ways to safeguard our technological infrastructure from bad actors. Our panelists will consider the many advancements in technology – from artificial intelligence to FinTech – what we can expect in the future and how we can catalyze more innovation in years to come.

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