Hosting an upcoming event at the Duke in DC office?

Use of a conference room, event space or swing office in the Duke in DC office is only for Duke-affiliated groups and individuals. The first step in securing space is to check the calendar and request space through our online reservation system found here (Please note that submitting the form does not guarantee a reserved space). After you submit the request, a representative from the Duke in DC office will reach out via email to either confirm your hold or discuss alternatives.

If you are planning an event at the Duke in DC office or have received confirmation for an event or use of space, please review the Event Planning FAQs below for answers to ensure that all logistical and technical needs are addressed prior to your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of operation?

The building at 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue and elevators are open Monday-Friday 7:00am-7:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm. The Duke in DC office is open Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. Temporary keys are available for groups and individuals using the conference rooms and swing offices. Please contact Lizzie Devitt or Jeff Harris to reserve a key.

Use of the Duke in DC office space is free. However, office use outside of normal building hours will incur a $50 per hour (pro-rated to the half-hour) HVAC fees. The event/host manager will be billed the HVAC invoice.

Does the host have to provide a point-of-contact?

Yes – No later than three (3) days prior to your event, please confirm a point-of-contact and provide a list of attendees. If you have more than 20 guests, a host is required to assist security in the building lobby at check-in. On the day of the event, a representative from your group must be present for the duration of the event – including set-up/cleanup. Duke in DC staff are only present for events Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm to assist groups.

Is the host responsible for room set-up?

Yes – Room set-up is the responsibility of the hosting group. This includes returning all tables, chairs, and A/V equipment used to the state in which you found them before use.

Within 48 hours of the event, the point-of-contact needs to schedule a walk-through of the space and learn the A/V capabilities. It is highly suggested that if the meeting is a conference call, the point-of-contact test the telephone line beforehand. There is no tech support on site to help in the event of an issue. In the event a point-of-contact cannot be onsite please contact the Duke in DC office as early as possible to work out an alternative solution together.

Can we use catering at the event?

Yes – Duke in DC has space to both serve food and set-up a bar at the same time. Click here for a list of approved caterers. To use a vendor not listed, please contact Lizzie Devitt or Jeff Harris.

Is the host/caterer responsible for providing supplies?

Yes – Hosts/caterers are responsible for providing all utensils, plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths and linens as well as ensuring that the space is properly cleaned afterwards. Please dispose of all garbage and recycling in the bins provided.

Are there special instructions for contracted vendors?

Yes – The vendor will need to provide a delivery date, time, and certificate of insurance. If you contract with a vendor who will need to use the loading dock, contact Lizzie Devitt or Jeff Harris to arrange access. Caterers and deliveries must use the loading dock located next to the parking garage at 1201 E. Street. The loading dock is for deliveries only. There is a limit of 20 minutes to park on the loading dock. Any car parked longer than 20 minutes risks getting a ticket and possible towing.